At your service.

Complete with over 20 years of experience.

stakpure was set up by four insiders in the field of high purity and ultrapure water treatment. They are fully familiar with this market segment both nationally and internationally.

Under their management, numerous pure and ultrapure water purification systems have been produced and installed throughout the world. As managing partners, they and their team are at your disposal at all times, with all their know-how and experience.

Sales Team National

Danny Schmidt
Marketing & Sales Director

Jörg Groß 
Area Sales Manager East

Alexander Albrecht
Area Sales Manager North

Sibel Akbal
Order Processing

Yvonne Reuter
Order Processing

Andrea Holzenthal
Order Processing

Sales Team International

Julius Albrecht
General Manager

Technical & Service Team

Leo Trumm
Production & Service Manager

Oliver Zellermann
Technical Support

Luca Schmitt
Technical Support

Detlef Opp
R&D Technician

Dirk Schöne
Project Manager

Matthias Fickel
Project Planning