Europe-wide regeneration

of mixed bed resins for resin depot partners

Reliable and proven service in stakpure quality – ensured by a resin regeneration plant that is among the most modern and environmentally friendly ones in Europe.

We have recently accomplished the installation of one of the most modern and environmentally friendly resin regeneration plants in Europe. In the future, this will enable regenerated mixed-bed resins in casks or containers to be delivered to stakpure resin-depot partners all over Europe. The excellent quality of our brand-new resin pool is ensured by TOC-monitoring and batch test certificates.

The brand-new stakpure regeneration plant – effective, environmentally friendly and of highest quality!

The stakpure regeneration service

  • Without limits – Germany-wide delivery service
  • Environmentally friendly – due to state-of-the-art regeneration technology
  • Easy and unproblematic – delivery with lifting platform
  • Rapid and reliable – weekly delivery rhythm
  • Quality assurance – batch test certificates with TOC monitoring
  • Homogenous resins – the highest quality standard

We deliver regenerated mixed-bed resins in casks or containers. Naturally according to your wanted date of delivery.

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